Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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The Cause of Clogged Bathroom Plumbing

Assuming that very few United States citizens feel thankful for public sewage and working in-home plumbing on a daily basis is safe to say. Thanks to plumbing, we experience far fewer illnesses, don’t have to smell accumulations of urine and feces, aren’t responsible for physically moving it, and ultimately live far more safe and convenient lives. Let’s take a peek at modern society’s most frequently-incurred bathroom plumbing problems. Some of these might come as a surprise – you’ve been warned.

Walls, Ceilings, and Floors are More Prone to Water Damage Than You Think

As a former home remodeler, one of our crew’s most frequently-requested jobs was renovated bathrooms. Think about how a renovation might start and progress. A homeowner might share that they want a new shower installed. Upon tearing the old shower out, plywood, studs, and other internal building materials are thoroughly damp and rotting.

Remodeling jobs commonly progress as such. One way to avoid this happening is to thoroughly separate plumbing, showers, toilets, and sinks from the guts of your house.

Hair Clogs So Many Drains – You Wouldn’t Believe It!

In Western society, most women have at least semi-long hair. Although not as common, men wear their hair as such, too. Long hair and soap contribute to more clogged drains than arguably anything else in the entire history of plumbing. Such clogs can readily be removed with lye, though preventing clogs from happening is a better option. Capture wads of hair before they flow down shower and bathtub drains and only discard of hair in trash cans.

Failing Water Pressure

To me, at least, there’s nothing worse than showering in low water pressure. In some cases, localities’ water supply networks are simply not powerful. More frequently, showerheads and nearby plumbing is built up with limescale. Simple cleaners like CLR can remove limestone from showerheads and faucets.

Fully-functioning bathroom plumbing is one of modern society’s greatest accomplishments. Always remember that regular maintenance can prevent most common bathroom plumbing problems from rearing their ugly heads.

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