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What Can You Do About Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are brown and ovular shaped parasites which consume peoples’ blood. Since the past Century, Bedbugs have been rampant in North America. When a bug bites someone, they leave a painful and itchy mark. The bite, however, is not infectious. Unlike cockroaches and other pests, bedbugs also survive in clean places because they consume blood. When a bug is growing, it sheds its skin up to five times. In her lifetime, a mother bedbug lays up to a hundred eggs.

There are many ways in which someone’s place can end up with bedbugs. One, someone may end up picking them up in their schools, their friends’ home, a hotel or various public places more often in sleeping areas. They stick on your clothes or luggage as you carry them home. Once at home, they lay a lot of eggs and may end up finally infesting ones’ home.

In order to avoid transferring bedbugs home, one should be keen on item infestation when purchasing second-hand items. Infested furniture and toy transfer can also cause infestation. One method of killing bedbug eggs in curtains, linens and toys is exposing them to heat in drier cycles. Thorough cleaning of second-hand items and suffocating bedbugs in sealed containers could reduce bed bug spread from second-hand items or borrowed toys. The spread of bedbugs cannot be reduced by starving them because they can survive up to two weeks without food.

If one notices a bedbug infestation, he or she should take quick measures to control the bug pests before they become hard to monitor. One should start by checking on their mattresses for any signs of bedbug’s existence. The mattresses underside and its inside are one of the most favorable bedbug hiding areas. Identifying tiny blood spots in bed sheets could be a sign of bedbugs. An unpleasant smell in the bed sheets could also be a proof of many bedbugs.

If one sees bedbugs or their eggs, he or she should thoroughly explore the room to check the degree of invasion.

In case of a confirmation on bedbug invasion, one should swiftly consult a pest control firm like the Go-Forth Pest control Of Raleigh. Cleaning is good for getting rid of bedbugs but visiting a pest control firm is more efficient in eradicating bedbugs professionally. Pest control experts can also assist in checking ones’ house for bed bug infestation as they know where mainly to look for pest infestation and give possible remedies. Since people might carry bedbugs from your place through their stay and gifts, it is good to inform them. Since bedbugs spread quickly in apartments, it is wise to tell your neighbors to look out for possible infestations before they spread out to level hard to control.

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