Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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How to Use Space in Every Home Corner

People who have new homes, often look out and find an empty space. Then the question arises, What will I do with this space?

If the area is large, it does not matter. But, what if the opposite?


Well, every home has its own solution to face an area that is not too big. Some make paths, some make parks and start gardening there. But, many also claim to be able to do more than that. What? Let’s look down, who knows, you can find new ideas for you to apply in your home.

Sitting Area in the Space of Corner House

This house has a small space beside it. And to make use of it, there was a sitting area between the house and the adjacent neighboring wall.

The latticed roof was erected to create a shady spot. Then made a permanent bench with the lime base material, and the next step, coating the floor with hardwood material. And so as not to disturb the next-door neighbor, the dividing wall is also elevated. The result created a versatile room that is cool and comfortable.

Outdoor Garden

To make an empty space into an outdoor garden, you just bring chairs to that area. Choose furniture that is resistant to sunlight, rain, can be made of plastic or rattan. Guaranteed reading activities will be more fun in open areas like this.

Garden with Stairs Toward Multipurpose Roof

The area next to this house made following the addition of building space. Originally a small deck was built on the roof, which served as a multipurpose room, connected to a staircase downstairs, a small lawn garden with a beautiful and refreshing mini-water pool.

Bring Waterfall to Home

The real example of this house, which moved the waterfalls we normally meet in the wild – complete with mini stupas and natural rocks – whose water continues to flow into the small pond beneath. Exquisite. Interested? Just adjust the size of the area you have.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

Not a large area, between a house with a fence or a back wall of a house, converted into a jacuzzi area, which also includes a sundeck and yard. While the patio connecting the house with open space is covered by wooden planks, protecting the bar area underneath. All ready to please you!

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