Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Transforming The Basement

Your basement is likely either a place for storage or a place that is empty and foreboding. Instead of wasting the space that you have, consider a basement remodeling Northern VA company that can do everything from install flooring, paint and even add plumbing if you need it in the room. Before remodeling, think about the type of space that you want or need in the home. You can easily create a small apartment in a basement if it’s large enough and if you have the proper plumbing and electricity. You might need to add a few windows and change the floor, but a basement apartment can be used for an older child who wants to stay home after graduating or elderly parents who don’t want to go to a nursing home.

Another idea for the bathroom is to create a living room. Create a new seating arrangement, install comfortable carpet or hardwood flooring, and make an environment that is cozy and relaxing. This is a room that can allow more space for holiday gatherings or when friends come over to spend time with the family. An additional living room also offers extra space for your kids to have their own area for watching television or spending time with their friends without being around adults all the time.

If you work from home, then turn the basement into an office. This is an idea that might require a few new windows because you want as much light as possible so that it’s easy to work. You could put a bookcase along one wall and a desk and chair along another wall. Make sure you have a couch or another form of seating that you can relax on from time to time as you will probably want to take a few breaks from working during the day. This can also be a room where you go to read a book or where the kids can go to do their homework. Consider installing an intercom system so that you can communicate with people who are in the room, especially if you need to let kids know when they need to do chores or when a meal is ready.

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