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Why It Is Important To Use Fluoride For Your Tooth The teeth are the most solid part of a human body. Different from what people believe, the human teeth are not bones. It is usually calcified tissue known as the dentine. It is hard and shiny in the outside part. With minerals, the dentine like the bones will grow healthy and diseases free. The teeth all the time losses or gains minerals. Among the many minerals is fluoride. It is a common mineral that is present in foods and water. The fluoride will get rid of the sugar, bacteria and plaque that is in the mouth thus reversing the decaying of the tooth. The bacteria and the sugar or the plaque forms an acid that is the leading cause of tooth decay and cavity. Ensuring that your kid takes fluoride minerals when they are young enables them to have a strong enamel. The kids have a benefit referred to as the systematic benefit by the dentist. The teeth of such kids will break out of the gum strong and very healthy. When the teeth are out in the gum, the child should be given more fluoride minerals to prevent tooth decay and cavity. The children who are able to keep brushing their teeth with the fluoride minerals have what is called by the dentist as topical benefits. The saliva in the mouth will even have the fluoride minerals keeping the enamel more stronger. Losing of minerals and not replacing them with more results to tooth sensitivity and cavity. The results are that the teeth, soften, decays and the only thing left to do is to eliminate them. The sugar, plaque and bacteria form the acid that destroys the enamel. The acid also takes away useful minerals that help the teeth to be more firm away. The acid in the mouth is removed when you use fluoride compliments given by a recommended dentist thus preventing the tooth decay. It is therefore recommended by the dentist that you keep brushing regularly with toothpaste that has fluoride minerals.
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Tooth decay is very common to those people who likes eating diets that have high sugar content. Such people should reconsider using compliments that have fluoride in them to prevent the tooth problems that they are likely to have. The people have had a misconception that the use of fluoride can bring health related problems especially to the young ones. When used in small amount, the fluoride mineral compliments will bring nothing less than the benefits to the teeth. Just as it is said, anything if consumed in excess will be of no good. The use of fluoride compliment is recommended for both the children and the adults as well.5 Lessons Learned: Health

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