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Some Of The Mistakes You Will Have To Avoid So As To Prevent Your Website From Sucking

There are so many websites out there today. Their visual representations will even amaze you. As a stark reality, the number of sites which will be sucks will be as many as those that will be awesome to users. Not all of these websites are considered perfect. The other fact is that you will not want your website on the category of sites that are deemed as sucking. The purpose of this article will be to have you informed on the ways to avoid a web design that will be sucking. A lot of these are caused by mistakes in the designing of the web page.

The fonts style and sizes used in your website will be central to the performance of your website. Do not use font sizes that will call on your readers to have their glasses on as they read the content on your website. They are surely going to run away and turn to other sites. Readability is generally key an element in your web design. Avoid the use of the Comic Sans as your font style and type. The choice of fonts will make your website look wow or a drab. The right font size and type will prove a magical gem to the web design you have. Interestingly enough, the font choice will also have a psychological impact on your brand. You will therefore need to have a thorough consideration of this aspect of the web design. For that touch of professionalism and respect, you will need a Serif font style. The Serif fonts are generally clean, reputable and easy to read. The sans serif fonts style are generally associated with stability and a show of modernity.

If you wish to create a feeling of elegance, you may settle for the Bickman font style and for the feel of friendliness you will go for the Cooper fonts. Creating the right fonts for your website will cost you minimum figures. You therefore have no reason to spare an effort to create excellence on your web page with the right font style.

The ease of navigation is as well another factor to consider as you design your website. The flow charts will be beneficial in this respect. Ensure that every link leads to somewhere meaningful on the website. It is definitely not your intention to have the readers lost as soon as they set a sight on your website. A properly designed website should have no zero dead ends to it. Mind the basic instincts of most of the web users. The navigation should be such that assumes and complies with the intuitive biases of the web users. Never put the navigation bar where people will not easily find it.

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