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Lubbock Floor Maintenance: Benefits and Tips of Floor Stripping and Waxing

Impress your visitors and customers with professionally maintained floors whether you have a residential or commercial establishment. It is important to protect your investment and avoid costly repairs by conducting regularly scheduled maintenance work. Proper floor maintenance is crucial to avoid discolored, dull, or scratched flooring.

Floors such as vinyl and linoleum are known as “waxed” floors, wherein they have a coating on them to keep them smooth and shiny. If the wax wears off or ages, it can flake and turn yellow, thus needing stripping and waxing. Stripping and waxing involve completely removing the existing wax on the floor and reapplying fresh layers of wax. Floor scratches happen easily due to high traffic and wearing down of wax coating, so stripping and waxing can help. Tile lifting may result without proper floor maintenance because your tiles become more vulnerable to elements like debris and water, and the floor glue may become clogged and tiles will no longer adhere. Constant foot traffic may cause the color of your floor to become dull and less shiny because of debris, dirt, and wear down of the floor’s protective coating. Make your mopping efforts more efficient by leaving an easy to clean surface through proper floor maintenance by regular stripping and waxing of your floors.

When wax is applied on top of the old or dirty wax, you may end up having yellowed and flaking floors. You’ll find different options for floor stripping like vinegar, ammonia, and commercially prepared floor stripper. It is essential to read the packaging instructions carefully to prevent damage to floors. When applying wax, thin coats must be applied in sections and all over the floor, and to prevent introducing dirt into the floor using a new wax applier mop. You can use a specialized wax applier mop instead of using a general mop to make the process easier. When applying a floor stripper, let it dry completely between coats and make sure that the ventilation and airflow in the room is good.

If you are a busy person and you don’t have time stripping and waxing your floors, then it is best to hire a professional to help you out. We can help you find a trusted, reliable, experienced, and reputable company like Lubbock floor maintenance services offering floor stripping and waxing. Learn more about our floor stripping and waxing services. It is possible to have a clean, shiny and smooth floor through a professional floor stripping and waxing. Contact us now so we can give you a free quote today.

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