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GHS Spreadsheet 101

It seem very easy to comply with GHS norms on the face of it. For those not yet initiated in it, implementing the GHS norms could be very involving.

if a chemical or a formulation is considered to be hazardous according to classifications, a GHS spreadsheet should be prepared. When a chemical matches the cutoff point of an hazard classification by a dealer, exporter or importer. Each chemical should have the appropriate GHS SDS if it falls in the class of acute toxicity with a concentration limit of 1% For those chemicals that affect the reproductive organs or are carcinogenic their cut off is just 0.1% The GHS SDS forms all have a standardized structure beginning with identification, first aid measures, exposure control as well as stability that has to be complied with. It becomes very easy to decide when it is only one chemical. If a chemical forms part of a formulation the task becomes more complicated and requires expert professional assistance for the right classification.

There are minimum things that have to be included when recording a chemical in a GHS SDS, the restrictions and use of chemicals classification. You may find manufacturers hesitating to share their chemical compositions but it is a requirement by law that has to be met and they should involve experts in this field while doing this.
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The contents should be put down in a simple language that is devoid of all ambiguities. Professionals involved in the preparation of data sheets are fully aware of the pitfalls of language use and know how to avoid them so as to make the contents precisely clear regardless of geographic locations and language usage in various countries. Some geographic regions, do not use English and they will know that they need to translate it. For instance when an American company sells to Far east regions. The other important reason why you should hire a professional is that they can do the translations alongside English.
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Most countries have not adopted to this considerations in the same way. Despite the fact that it is not obligatory to follow all the compulsory recommendations. Other countries have gone ahead and added some other norms like those in the European Union. If an exporter wishes to export in this region, they need to sign a document that they will comply with those of the European union.Those other 65 countries who have adopted this norm could add some other norms to it too. Experts should be hired whenever a county really want to fill their data sheet.

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