Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Term Care Residences Modernized And Far better Dementia Care

Congratulations to our President, Brad Johnson, for receiving the Resource Based Excellence Award at the one hundred Mile Residence Chamber of Commerce Organization Excellence Awards and Citizen of the Year dinner on April 11th. The chart above, from the Genuine Estate Board of Higher Vancouver, shows that the typical price of a detached home in Vancouver has surged by more than 30% in there past year to over C$1.8 million (for a clearer view of this chart click here ). The epic surge in Vancouver rates pushed RBC’s affordability measure for the Vancouver location to 87.6 per cent in 1Q15, the worst ever recorded anyplace in Canada.

Aside from a parent who horribly abused you while growing-up i.e.- sexually/rape, violence, I cannot excuse any denial or compassion towards them for the duration of their old-age even if they can act like an old-fart from time to time, who wouldn’t be grumpy, realizing their days are numbered their health is gone/going, spouse they have been with forever has died, most of their close friends are dead or moved/incapaciatated/changed, and so on.

Months later we then received a letter from our mortgage firm saying that they have been sorry that they couldn’t assist us but at this time we are considered a liability and they would re- create our note and escrow our taxes two ½ years which would add an additional 1000 dollars a month to our mortgage payment generating it 3000 dollars a month for our mortgage payment.

The down side is that this also means our rescue groups in some places of Canada – notably the western provinces, as most of the remaining US tracks are in the Florida location – are scaling back their placement services these days and you may possibly have to wait a tiny bit longer than ahead of to be matched up with the perfect greyhound pet for you.

In a key setback to a Liberal government nonetheless refusing to repeal the repressive Bill C-51, the Federal Court has identified unreasonable the secret trial security certificate against the extended-suffering Mahmoud Jaballah, nearly 20 years to the day that the Egyptian refugee and his family arrived in Canada seeking asylum from the Mubarak dictatorship.

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