Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Introduction To The Cutest Dogs Of Instagram That You Would Certainly Want To Follow

For those of you out there who have been hearing and seeing nothing but posts and views about politics that you can no longer stand the thought of it, the best thing that you can do is to go to Instagram and enjoy something that many Instagram account holders such as your surely enjoy. The one that I am talking about here are dogs. In this article, what we will do is that we will be sharing to you the top dogs of Instagram that are just too cute for you not to love or even follow. Now, if you want to free yourself away from incessant selfies and almost divisive opinions, the pups that we will be introducing to you will surely do the trick.

We would like to present to your Doug, the cutest and bubbliest pug in the planet. If you think that wrinkles makes you look old and ugly, well, @iamdougthepug will prove you wrong as there certainly is something are wrinkles that are cute. When it comes to Dough the pug, you will certainly be surprised of his achievements so far such as that he is already considered as a New York Times bestseller and has over five million likes on Facebook. And what makes Dough the pug more amazing is the fact that apart from having his own calendar, he has also been featured on Good Morning America and was able to perform alongside Justin Bieber as well. So, if you are a fan of what we call as celebrity dog culture, you gotta follow Doug.

Doug the pug is not the only famous dog in Instagram as there also goes another one – Marnie the Dog. When you happen to be the type of person who loves individuality and embraces imperfection with open arms, following @marniethedog and knowing him more personally will be good for your heart and soul. One characteristic of Marnie that distinguishes her from the rest of her kind is her permanently stuck-out tongue (that will make Miley Cyrus surely be jealous of) and also, she loves photo shoots that are themed. She is already at the prime of her life as fifteen years old but this lovable shih tzu still surely looks fashionable, fabulous and full of life for her age. With the increasing number of A-listers who are falling for this cute and lovable Shih Tzu, she is now considered as a celebrity of her own.

Marnie the lovable Shih Tzu and Doug the cutie pug are not the only Instagram dog idols that you will meet in this particular social media site as there also goes Buddy Boo Boo. If you think that Buddy Boo Boo is just a name of a single celebrity dog, you are mistaken as this name represents Buddy, Blue, and Boo, our fury, little friends.

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