Monday, July 22, 2019
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Low Maintenance Business Ideas for Young Couples

Young adults tend to be very busy in their lives. With finishing school, starting a career, buying a home, and having children, the life of a young adult is quite chaotic. However, there is always room for a low maintenance business investment when the opportunity arises. There are many businesses that will operate quite well with minimal intervention.

Laundry Facilities

It is increasingly common for students and families to forgo laundry appliances in their homes. This is because they can use laundromats, ultimately avoiding the purchase price, upkeep, and storage of these appliances. Using laundromat equipment for lease florida will allow the young entrepreneur the opportunity to give this business model a try without investing the full retail price for equipment upfront. These facilities don’t require employees while open- however, they must be cleaned daily, change and detergent dispensers must be refilled, and occasional maintenance may be required.

Vending Machines & Arcade Equipment

Vending machines and arcade equipment are found in many different places, including university halls, large department stores, and malls. Some places, such as doctors offices or recreational centers, may be happy to host this equipment for the benefit of the employees and customers. Arcade equipment is wonderful in places where children may be required to sit still for a length of time, allowing the children to keep busy while waiting. These machines must be refilled, emptied of change, and cleaned as needed.

Flea Markets

With a flea market, all the investor truly needs is a building or a plot of land, preferably with lots of local traffic and electricity. Vendors can supply their own tables or displays, but they will need clearly marked booth spaces. An employee may be needed for keeping record of vendor spaces, payments, cleaning the building, and for collecting admission from visitors if applicable.

With so many business models that require very little time to manage, young adults can invest in them even during the busiest times of their lives.

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