Friday, July 19, 2019
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Just Say No” To Canada’s Expanding War In Iraq And Syria

Trudeau has thrown himself into the great debate over Canada’s surging property costs, fueled in component by investors from China and elsewhere. If you assume the average home price in Canada will continue to appreciate at its current pace—which, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association, drove the typical value to $470,297 in January, up 17 per cent from a year earlier—then the common abode in Canada will hit the $21-million mark in about 24 years (not accounting for inflation).

The mortgage and title of the residence are in my name only, after the entire realstate bubble popped, my house has lost value substantially, locations like mine are promoting for about $43K to $63K, so I can’t refinance to get a reduce payment and possibly rent the location even though I acquire another location, we have one particular kid now and plan to have much more, but need a larger spot.

As considerably as Canada has refused to acknowledge the a lot of victims of its foreign and military policy of the previous 25 years – rendering the Iraqi folks invisible unless we require them for photo-ops – they have equally refused to recognize the humanity of Gulf War 1 veterans who have returned to die gradually, painfully, and largely in silence.

The Harper government is refusing to act on a motion passed by a majority of the House of Commons in December, 2009, to apologize to, give compensation for, and clear the names of three Muslim Canadian guys – Abdullah Almalki, Ahmed El-Maati, and Muayyed Nureddin – who were discovered to have been falsely labelled as security threats and tortured with Canadian complicity.

Its lowlights contain those whose activity adversely impacts the stability of the Canadian economy, the monetary program or any monetary marketplace in Canada without affordable economic or economic justification.” This section is aimed at Indigenous folks resisting exploitation of their lands and pipeline expansion (as nicely as those brave souls who have shut down Line 9 more than the previous couple of months).

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