Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Creating an Easy-Living Home

You don’t have to forfeit style and beauty to create an easy-living home. The material choices and selection of decorative details are key factors in making your home family-friendly, pet-friendly and attractive. There are several tips you can implement to create a home that’s comfortably livable.


Durable flooring that can withstand lots of foot traffic is essential in a house where adults, kids and pets are constantly passing through with dirty or muddy feet. Laminate flooring Lewisville has low maintenance, budget-friendly laminate flooring in many different colors and styles that can complement various decors.


You can’t enjoy stress-free, easy-living in your home if you’re constantly worried about spills, stains and pet hair messing up your furniture. You can eliminate that source of stress by choosing furniture with upholstery that can withstand the kid’s playtime and pets that like to sleep on your furniture. With durable, stain-resistant upholstery, you won’t even have to worry about clumsy adults spilling food or drinks on the furniture. Woven fabric, safeguard fabrics and leather are some of the best upholstery options for an active family.


Round or oval-shaped tables are a good choice if you have small children running around in your house. Corners can be a hazard for kids. Choosing accent furniture that serves a dual purpose is a good space-saving choice. An accent table with a pet bed as its base gives your dog or cat a quiet napping spot or semi-reclusive observation point. A large ottoman can function as extra seating or as a table for a board game or snack tray.

Keeping accessories to a minimum can reduce your household cleaning time. It can also eliminate the stress that comes from worrying about kids or pets breaking tabletop décor. Floor lamps and table lamps are two decorative accessories you might want to avoid if you have small children or pets. Cords can pose a tripping hazard and falling lamps can cause injury. You want to create a home that’s safe and ultra-comfortable for all who live there.

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