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Be Inspires By These Logo Design Trends

It is not that easy to design an attention-grabbing logo. Graphics, text, colors are just some of the many, many considerations of logo design. Moreover, the process is multi-step. But most importantly, the company logo should be clean, simple and carries a message that is not that hard to understand. Great designers believe that there are two main factors that make up a good design. First is that it must be appealing and second is that it should be simple and easy to take in. However, it is worth noting that combining into one logo a beautiful design and one that carries the company’s message in a powerful way is not an easy task. The same is true when you need a new garage door repair Austin garage logo. The five logo design trends are a must see.

This first trend, and probably the one that would never go away is minimalism. Many garage door repair Austin companies will hugely benefit from a logo design that is simple but has great impact. Logos that look busy are actually repulsive to many viewers. A simple but well planned design leaves an impression more effectively. Minimal design makes your logo look modern.

Looking handmake is another interesting trend. A handmade logo for a garage door repair Austin shop is more likely to be unique than logo made using a template from a computer program. An exmapl of logos that are unique, warm and inviting are those that are hand drawn. A small shop can use this type of logo.

Another huge trend in designing a logo that a garage door repair Austin shop can use is the line art. With this trend, lines are strategically formed into texts, symbols or images to make a logo to represent the company. Line art is simple and usually uses two colors only, but the design possibility is endless. With this style, it is easy to adhere to simplicity.

Forget designing multidimensional logos as flat designs are in and will probably stay for a long, long time. Moreover, this design is also timeless. You can do away with shadows and over-the-top gradients in order to keep your logo design simple.

Lastly, negative space has become huge now a days. Here the image or message is carved out of a negative space. Look at the arrow in between E and X in the FedEx logo and the S in the middle of U and A for the logo of the network USA. This type of logo easy captures viewers’ eyes if done right.

While it is true that designing a logo for a garage door repair Austin is difficult, you will never go wrong as long as you adhere to one of these trends and that it is pleasing to look at and easy to understand.

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